Living Word with Pastor Samuel Brannon


August 4, 2020

So many have contemplated the subject of what great leadership should do when dealing with their depression. Somehow it's become some heroic chest bump to bleed and lead people, but what happens to the people being beaten up and suffering instead of built up, helped up, and loved? In this episode, the Pastor deals with something that transformed his Pastoral approach a maxim from his Pastor "You catch more flies with honey than vinegar."

1. Practical Scripture: Psalm 27 & 37

2. Practical Point: You have more at your disposal than the hammer and nail approach.

3. Practical Advice: Learn to recognize the signs of depression.

4 Practical Purpose: God still has a plan for our lives, and we must share that good news with others.

5. Memory Scripture: Psalm 27 & 37.

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