Living Word with Pastor Samuel Brannon

God’s Forgiveness

July 20, 2020

Often, we can't wrap our minds around letting go of the very awful things we've done to someone so we carry the burdens of being unforgiving because we feel unforgiven. But those issues cause problems and there is a real answer for those entanglements we willingly hope will just fade away. Listen in as Pastor gives us some practical principles to help you resolve what has already been forgiven by God. There is a requirement for what we can not repay. It's called repentance.

God's Forgiveness is available. So we must take 3 steps:
I. Acknowledge His forgiveness is available for our sins Lamentations 3:22, Daniel 9:9
II. Acquire His forgiveness by confessing and repenting (asking for forgiveness) I John 1:9
III. Accept forgiveness. Don't reject it with thoughts of doubt.

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