Living Word with Pastor Samuel Brannon

Getting Back To the Basics

August 6, 2020

It is becoming difficult to define what essential means in this particular climate. We all have made decisions about what we would and would not consider being necessarily based on relationship, kinship, fellowship, and friendship. I would even say some have put their life on the line because they don't desire to fall on economic hardship. Our world is finding out that this pandemic is not concerned with who we are in the pecking order of worldly life. So as we define essential in these unprecedented times, may we do it by getting back to the basics.

1. Prayer is a basic necessity of life.
2. My mentality is healing people rather than hurting them.
3. Cherish every opportunity you have to minister authentically from your story.
4. Make the Word of God evident. Take every opportunity to be as plain as you can.
5. Embrace social media, technology, and the avenues where people are. Social media is the new basic.
6. Love on people.

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