Living Word with Pastor Samuel Brannon

Dealing With Depression (Pastoring Through A Pandemic)

July 28, 2020

So often the man or woman of God spends so much time caring for so many people and carrying the burdens of so many they never find the right time to take mental breaks, mourn loved ones or take sabbaticals. They will frequently try to power through a situation that honestly needs more attention than a thirty minute break. Somewhere clergy has made the mistake of believing the weak-warrior mentality, which unfortunately lends itself to one being considered less than; simply because he or she may need a mental health day. In this episode, Pastor provides some practical suggestions that may help someone dealing with depression.

1. Practical Passage of Scripture: Isaiah 25:1 God has done amazing things.

2. A Practical Point: It's not over because we are circling in a holding pattern.

3. Practical Sound Advice: Trust in the Lord because this is preordained.

4. Prayer of Purpose: Increasing Faith Decreasing Fear.

5. Memory Passages: Psalms 27 and 37.

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