Living Word with Pastor Samuel Brannon

Dealing With Depression

July 14, 2020

So many people are struggling to maintain their mental fortitude in this pandemic. Many have lost their employment; others have lost loved ones and relatives. People are just not doing well with being locked down and feel alone. Some have almost lost hope because of their emotional struggles. Wrestling and wondering where God is and why is He allowing this to happen are becoming an enormous burden for them.

In this episode, Pastor provides some essential context to this issue and offers a few ways to deal with depression; never overlook what people are facing and how they are feeling.

1. Practical Passages of Scripture: Proverbs 18:14, Psalms 9:12 & 38:9.
2. A Practical Point: Remember, God has not forgotten about you.
3. Practical Sound Advice: Partner with strong believers.
4. Prayer of Purpose: Defeat the spirit of depression with a sound mind.
5. Memory Passages Psalms 27 and 37.

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